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were is all the 80's australian music

johnny [staff]
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The first time I hear about Cold Chisel was on this forum, so I listened to some songs on youtube and they're really cool.

Really nice tabs too, MickBass, thanks!
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no probs johnny.. theyre not too bad, I auditioned for a friends chisel band EAST theyre on facebook but they took too long to make a decision so i didnt bother.. but i have a few tabs on my computer, not all are complete tho.
INXS for Mr Beers & Icehouse for Guy Pratt, both excellent bass players.
the only aussie bands i know of are midnight oil, grinspoon, acdc, silverchair and inxs. if i missed any PLEASE fill me in lol i love grinspoon. violent and lazy n just ace are my favorite by grin.
Quite liking Empire Of The Sun at the moment.
Empire of the Sun made a really decent debut album. I hope the follow up is just as good.
I'll have to check out Empire of the Sun - hadn't heard of them until now. Obviously, I'm not in Australia!

Anyone remember Ayers Rock? I had a friend play an album of theirs for me a long time ago and the song I liked the most went back and forth from aboriginal percussion (orgasmic!) to 70's art rock jazzy stuff. Moonda maybe?

I've always really liked percussion. Maybe I'll get a drum set one day.
Empire Of The Sun wouldn't normally be my kind of music. Glad others on here have heard of them.
Checked out some Icehouse yesterday. Missed out on them during the 80's as normally not my thing. Really surprised at how much I like their music.
You missed out bass freak, but at least you are cathing up now to appreciate this brilliant band.

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