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were is all the 80's australian music

I also tab only songs that I like - the list of requested songs is a tidal wave! Though I check it almost daily here on Big Bass Tabs, there's probably only 1 in 30 that I would even consider tabbing (it has to be a band I like, and even better if a song I like as well; most likely to get me working is a song that is already on my list of songs I'd like to learn).

And like you, much of what I have tabbed has been material you could not find a tab for (especially old punk from the first ten years 1976-1985).

What annoys me, however, is when someone requests a song that is already in the tabs database. If you are too lazy even to do a search for the tab you want, I sure as hell am not going to take you seriously enough to try and help!
johnny [staff]
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Also the search engine in the site really isn't perfect so I guess some people have trouble finding songs that they like..

What I'm working on right now is actually making the request submission work like this - when you enter a request it will automatically perform a search for you for the song you requested and if it is found you will be redirected to the tabs, otherwise the request will be posted
That sounds good!
Well done Bassm99, 2 Icehouse Bass tabs added. Any more to add?
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No problem Softcell62, it was a pleasure to do them. I have two more songs from Primitive Man to tweak but that's about it. I have bits & pieces from other songs but nothing that can be tabbed at the moment. I would like to do more but it's getting the time to work on them.
More Icehouse would be great bassm99, looking forward to more when you get the time.
I actually tabbed out a few when i was trying out for a Cold Chisel tribute… i will post some of them for ya
Nice to know someone is trying to tab out things that people want to see tabbed. Best of luck, bassm9!
I didnt think chisel was that popular !
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awesome ..chisel rock..looking forward to it
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to ‘mickbass’ outstandanding tabs
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As of the last cold chisel updates, Big Bass Tabs, has more cold chisel bass than any other site on the net, a little communication between people and look what we can achieve. As you may well see, I am thrilled. What a place to be

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