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Where to go now?

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10 years ago
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I've learned quite a bit since joining this site in January. anything from funk to grunge to classic rock to pop to emo. But I've hit a wall, (not the wall) and I'm clueless on what to learn next. Any suggestions on what to learn would be helpful. Thanks ahead of time.
Learn the theory behind the music.
When you get the hang of that try jazz.
Posts: 27
@hipsterproblems (and yes, being a hipster is a problem).

It all depends what you want to do. If you don't already, find some fill tracks(minus the bass) and play along to them, noodle around with scales and figure out how You play the bass. Again, this is if you haven't already done so.
Hopefully that wall isn't to hard to climb…..
hope this helps
Thanks TarkZ. That's some really good advise. I'll get my friend to send me some tracks (he's a drummer)

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