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To all beginners and intermediate players

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I highly advise you print this. and or read it and practice it many times. its useful from the intro where is shows you how to read music. and its easy when you see it like this. has your scales. arpeggios. triads. very easy to read and understand. and to save the issue of people needing to ask (because they are new) when you read the scale and its the fretboard the square boxes you see, the first one is the root note. the second one is the same note an octave up. thats how it works all over the fret board. look at the fingering. 2 frets down 2 strings over. same note higher octave.
i post this because while this site is for tabs its also for players. and i am finding many players struggle because they only learned how to play from tabs… which is ok if you just wanna cover 10 songs. but does not really help you make your own music or form a true bond with your bass.
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that is really helpful. That's what I need to help me understand the theory side. You are right, when there are no tabs and all you have is the guitar chords this will help to know what I should be playing beside root chord.

thank you
you are welcome
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Thanks you for posting this info!


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