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New strings

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10 years ago
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I HATE how when you change just one string it sounds brighter and a bit more metallic then all the rest at first. anyone else get irritated by this?
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I just change them all. Then they all sound like crap together until broken in.
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Not for a second, I love it. Seems like your the only one
lol how can i be the only person who hates having a string that sounds different from the rest? And i would replace em all at once except i got them under 2 weeks ago and already broke one. didnt wanna scrap new strings
guess i am
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Yes!! That's why I change all 4 of them anyways but I do I agree when I started playing that used to piss me off a lot when I tuned down and played metal.
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Are you using a paving slab for a pick, snapping bass strings isn't that easy
no i tried to tune up to the next octave lol. dont ask me why i had a heavy string on and i figured hey it can handle it. every string but the low e did make it up an octave
the fact that the tuning peg snapped a heavy low e with 0 damage to the tuning peg says a lot for epi and gibson lol. damn tough

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