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Thoughts on a new bass.....

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10 years ago
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So I'm looking to get a new bass, haven't been playing long enough to know what's what in the bass world. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Anyways, I'm looking for something “smooth” (don't know how else to say it). Something for jazz/funk.

Thanks in advance……
A new bass wont make you play better.
All that you can do is go to a very good music store and ask if you could try out different types of basses. Then choose the one that you fancy the most.
I have four basses and each one I use for different styles.
I have an acoustic upright, 5 string electric, 4 string semi-acoustic and a 5 string acoustic. My favorite however is my Ibanez because it has a much clearer and variety of sound and can use it for pretty much anything. But each one has a specific sound and will use either one depending on which style and sound I am wanting to play.
Posts: 27
Oh man, I thought if i got a really expensive bass then i would be good enough to sell out stadiums……
Thanks for the helpful advice
Only way that you can sell out stadiums is determination, hard work and devotion.
Don't practice for hours at a time, rather just work on that what needs attention.
I can sight read virtually anything if I have that stave notation in front of me but most of the gigs that I do I don't get a dime for. “Favors” for friends and family.

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