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Bass effects

Jjesse Steele
Posts: 7
10 years ago
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Could someone give me some ideas on what pedals he's using? I'm pretty sure there is Bass Over Drive, and Bass Superchorus, other than that, I have no idea.

Posts: 19
I use a Boss ODB-3…Works for me so far
What specific effects though?
Posts: 19
You can tune High/Low end. Gain/EQ. Lets you adjust for different desired effects. It's my first one…Getting a Dunlap Crybaby pedal next
Posts: 1
I use a bass overdrive with a bass flanger which gives it a 70's sound of a jet swirling,COOL!
I use a Source Audio SoundBlox bass envelope which I love to death….
Posts: 58
DigiTech BP90. Does amp modelling, distortion, noise gate, compressor, and a whole bunch of other effects. Takes some time to learn, but once you get a sound you like, you can save it into the presets (up to 50 if you happen to need that many different tones).

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