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Thanks to submitters!

johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
Hey guys!

As you may know or not know, whenever somebody fulfills a bass tab request the person who requested it gets an email saying that their request was fulfilled with a link to the song.

Whenever a person responds to that email I receive it. Usually it's the guy who requested the song saying thanks, therefore I give these thanks forward to all of you who submit tabs.

I don't want to post names of fear of letting someone out, but all of you know who you are. Thanks to everyone that contributes to this site either with tabs, comments, forum posts or fair ratings of tabs!

Thanks you from me and from the people whose bass playing you made easier because of your tabs.

In future I will try to forward any emails of thanks to your private messages at BBT, because you very well deserve them and I imagine it feels good to have your work appreciated.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510

No thank you johny without you and the dude and the bassmasta we wouldnt be able to help everyone around the world be able to play bass the way were teaching them.

thank you
I just love the site and like to keep the conversation rolling. Thank you Johnny, and other staff members, for giving us bassists a place to turn to after Bassmasta shut down, and after UG rejected us. This is all for you kind sir. Many, many thanks. May you live long and prosper.

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