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TABS vs Notation

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12 years ago
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Are there any other bass guitarists that can read notation?
Personally I prefer to read the notation because tabs seldom show the rhythm, dynamics, technique and take up too much space.
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I totally agree with what you are saying. I am also a bass guitarist that can read the proper musical notation, and it really does make it much easier to show all of the rhythm and dynamics of a song. The only reason that I chose to learn to read tabs was because tabs made it able for me to learn brand new song extremely fast, making it able for me to be playing them right away.
With my students that do RockSchool I am always making alternations to the tabs to make it more logical to play. When I play along with them I tend to keep my eyes on the notation rather than the tabs that they are reading.

Just remember that when you first get a song from a composer you could just receive the melody with a set of chords above it to improvise on. Thats when the band will brainstorm and make suggestions on how to play certain stuff. Others will hand you notation to play exactly as it should be.
There should be an option to upload and download staff notation in PDF format to songs.
Even if the tabs are included on the score.
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I agree, Tab only shows what fret, when reading sheet music you really dont need to know the song as well as if reading tab. If you can remember your abc's reading 8 notes isint that hard to do. Dont be lazy future basses!!!!!
Reading off a tab one must still listen to the recording over and over again to get the rhythm right and even then it is not 100% correct.
With staff notation you may sight read it perfectly once with the band even though you have not heard the recording before.
How many players are out there that spend too much time on getting to the right fret when they haven't really interpreted it yet…
johnny [staff]
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If anyone has some notations in pdf (written by themselves of course) I'd gladly put it on the site.

I like the combination of both - notation and tabs, so you get the best of both worlds: rhythm is unambiguous and you know exactly where to fret.
Okay then.
What I have is mostly typed by myself using Sibelius.
I used tabs with rhythm and staff notation in pdf format.
Tell me how and I will post them.
There is about 25 or so songs waiting for you.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1014
right now it's easiest if you just email them to [email protected]

and thanks for this!

later i will add the functionality to upload them directly to the site
Right. I will try to email you what I have within this week.
I printed most of them directly out of Sibelius and have only exported a couple of them as pdf's.
I haven't forgotten about you johnny. Its just been a bit hectic with all the shows that are happening at the moment. As soon as I can breath I will send you what I have.

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