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Loose Jack Problems

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10 years ago
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I've got a really low quality bass. (Dean Edge 09) and the jack is so loose to the point that it won't work with an amp at times. Is there anything I can do to Tighten it up. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks.
If you are referring to the jack on your guitar, then this will be an easy fix. If your cable keeps popping out from your bass, the prong in the jack needs to be bent inward to make a solid connection. Just need some pliers to make this adjustment. Modify it so it has a tight connect to the cable. Hope this helps.
The cable doesn't fall out, it's what I plug it into. It jiggles, for the lack of a better term.
It is just loose. Couldn't quite figure out what was rattling by the head of my bass where you tune when I was playing on the D-string. Though that it could be that there was a loose screw on my D tuning peg. By investigating I realized that there was a loose nut on the G-string thingy. All it took was a spanner.
If I were you I would take it into a music store and let them fix it. Do it the next time when you restring.

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