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BEAD instead of EADG

so i wanna change the nut and strings on my bass to what it would be for a 5 string except without the G (its a 4 string) so instead of the usual EADG it'll be BEAD, anyone know any good places i can order a custom nut? or at least have any other tips with this sort of thing like taking off the nut, if so thanks
don't worry about the bass, its an Ashton and its became my guinea pig, cause I'm also gonna defrett it and figured why not I'll do both at the same time
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Just buy a 5 string nut and cut the G string slot off. I'm gonna be building my second bass and was toying with the idea of B E A D tuning and 35" scale but I've settled on E A D G on a headless bass with a Stienberger bridge with a Drop D and B lever
With any luck, you could be the next Chris Keal (current 5FDP bassist)
Cryptopsy did it and it worked nice, but be sure to get some heavy gauge strings, because the tension on low B is going to be insanely low with standard ones. And idea of defretting it while having it set to BEAD I think is bad - the low tension won't work with that mild, cosmic tone of fretlees.
Yes, heavy gauge strings are the best option for that. Pick up a set of Ernie Ball Power Slinkys for a 5 string, just don't use the G. They run for $20.79 with $4.98 shipping and handling on Guitarcenter.com
I wouldn't “overpay” it - D'addario “heavy gauge” makes it, if you like moderate tension. But if you can afford 5's set then buy it - tension will be really high (A standard possible).

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