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Whats a easy song to play by Red Hot Chilli Peppers ????

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Easy song! Have you seen the Bassist in this band?
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Flea is an amazing Bass player. Not given his basslines a go but would like to one day.
Depends what you mean by ‘easy’.

Note wise, Parallel Universe is the easiest, but you need to be able to play fast with a pick or your fingers.

I could Have Lied. Add your own fun to that one.

The Zephyr Song is relatively easy all around, it's just a pain to remember the chorus order and you can easily trip over yourself.

Venice Queen too, actually I would start at the entire By The Way album for finger style.

Rain Dance Maggie is easy too.

Pea is easy (troll option).

For slap, easiest is IMO Green Heaven is simple, first slap song I learned, followed by Knock Me Down (if you play it simply it can sound good without embellishments).

Road Trippin' is also good as a last note.

P.S Shameless bump is shameless.

DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Cant stop believe it or not is actually an easy song since its just you have to learn how to slap and pop

if you need any help with the bass tabs i can always offer my sevices

but i think you should learn

dani california
under the bridge
give it away
cant stop
by the way
scar tissue
snow hey oh
Factory of Faith.

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