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Just learning bass HELP

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10 years ago
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I just started playin bass and I ve learn chords and few songs but I want to know where I could learn simple runs in between chords instead of just hitting the notes.
Learn these two easy scales first..major scale and minor scale in all positions and keys on the fretboard. you use the notes in the scale to construct your runs. this is a very basic way of doing things, but it's a start.
if you really want to learn…get some books on music theory and composition.
in the “search” box at the top right of this page…type in “major scale” and hit “go”
it will bring you to a “bass lessons” page…start here and good luck
Chords? On bass? Don't worry about chords on bass, mate. They are not used as nowhere near as much on guitar. Do do scales and excercises that get you used to picking, fingering, sliding, getting to the right frets quickly enough… ect. Don't go try learnuing songs straight away,it much harder than you think and it will frustrate you.
Get yourself a beginners bass book and start practicing. Once you get your know-about of where the notes are and the positioning of all the “movable” scales and arpeggios, you should then try jazz.
Just learn the notation of all the notes up until the 5th fret because tablature is only supposed to be a guide.
The “easy” jazz classics will make any amateur rock bassist's hear stand on end but it is quite fun.
If you are really serious about learning you should check out RockSchool and Rock & Pop.

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