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flea vs justin chancelur idk if i spelled that right

cookie monster
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10 years ago
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witch one is your fav bassist
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Chancellor has an interesting style but I'm down w/ the Funk so Flea is an easy choice for me.
thay both have such great styles but there style is so diffrent i cant choice
I'm a huge Tool fan… but Flea…. I would say it depends on what you play. Flea rarely uses effects, and Justin hardly ever plays without effects. lol
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There it is Jesse…I think you picked the winner on that one. FLEA!!!!
I prefer flea
good point i like the style of justin tho but iam a huge fan of flea to who is you fav bassist of all time besides theas 2
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Les Claypool hands down. Expanded what I ever thought was possible w/ the Bass
You know you can google how to spell his name, right? It takes about three seconds.

Also, I like Scott Reeder a lot. But if you want to talk virtuosity, John Myung would be a strong contender.

Victor Wooten is my favorite bassist with Les Claypool being a distant second.
flea….nuff said

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