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Your Favorite Bass For Gigs

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10 years ago
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What type/brand of bass is Everyone using on gigs?
For my cover band I use my old, trusty, reliable and comfortable 4001 Ric. It has stood up to alot gigs inside and out in all kinds of weather throughout the years.
For my punk band, I alternate between basses for different gigs…Of late I have been using my Carvin B-40, but I do show up sometimes with my Warwick 5 string, A Davidson 6 string, a Cort G.S. Axe, or my paisley Fender Precision re-issue
How about you?
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So many basses, so little time. LOL.

My workhorse is my Hofner Icon because it is light and cheap. I live in NYC and sometimes take a subway to gigs. On those occasions I carry the Hofner because it's easy to carry and, if I'm mugged, the bass won't cost much to replace. (You do worry about these things when you live in NYC.)

I used to bring my Gibson SG to gigs that I drove to but I just bought a Mustang and that is my new fave.
I haven't lived in NYC, , in 16 years…but i remember as a kid in the 70's going to bass lessons by bus and subway carrying my Fender Precision. I was always worried about getting there and back with my bass. Perhaps the other passengers were more worried about me…lol…“who's that freaky looking kid with long hair carrying that rifle case?”
Posts: 35
LOL. Now any large packages are subject to stop and frisk on the subways so I guess that the passengers could wonder about my large “backpack” too.

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