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How was Everybody's weekend?

Hey Sid,
my punk band is all originals, but occasionally we throw in a tribute song or two to honor the founding fathers of punk, but thank you for the tab offer
you can check us out on facebook, and you tube….“halley's vomit”
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Ewwwh. Gross name. Definitely punky!

You can check out my band, The Sonic Boomers, on Youtube as well. We are a classic rock band. No originals in the bunch. The club that we play at, “Otto's Shrunken Head,” is a very “punky” environment though.
The name of my cover band is “Boomer”!!!…lol…
I did check out your band..Your guitarist is one lucky guy, playing with all you girls…he must be the rooster in the henhouse…lol
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Nice video!

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