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The Steinberger Spirit Series

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12 years ago
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I'm planning on getting a Steinberger XT-25 LH soon to play in my school's steel drum class since I need a 5 string to hit those extra low notes that sound bad if I have to drop past D on my tuning.
Here's a picture:

Is there any tips anyone could give me? Questions, comments or concerns?
Has anyone here ever owned a Steinberger product? What were your impressions?
I've heard pretty good reviews on it but I've never actually played one. I was looking into buying one myself but I can't afford much right now. all I know is that the bassist from DEVO plays with one sorry I could be much help though
I saw that. He plays lefty like me, but he uses a right handed one. It drives me nuts, but it's also kind of funny.
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i had a lotus with steinberger parts and branding much like this lefty but a 4 without d tuner.one piece neck was ez to adjust action. played and sounded great but not as good as the real deal.played it till it needed frets. steinberger is top of the line with its tuning system but the strings have two balls and are not that commonly in stock at stores,and cost more but worth it.

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