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Good ska bass lines?

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12 years ago
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An experienced player recommended that I learn to play some ska lines. I don't really know anything about ska with the exception of LTJ, any suggestions?
Reel Big Fish
The Aquabats!
The Mad Caddies
Mustard Plug
Streetlight Manifesto
Big D & The Kids Table

Ska is mostly triads and real fun to play
All Outta Angst - NoFX
No Face - Suicide Machines
Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down- The Toasters
Police and Theives- The Clash

These ones arent too easy or too terribly difficult kinda fun too
oh and anything by a band called Citizen Fish Sink or Swim is a favorite of mine by them
All new ska stuff. Desmond Decker is pretty easy and old school. Some of the slower Specials is a good time as well.
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I haven't heard of SKA, but a new good punk band (I know, hard to believe ) is Anti Flag. Their bassist is REALLY good.
Anti-Flag was formed in 1988.
btw… I posted the tab for Reel Big Fish's “I'm Cool” (ver. 2). My band plays this song and it is a fun one to play.

Another song that we do is easier, energetic, and a lot of fun: “Ego” by

And I can't believe that I left The Specials off of my list, sigh.
Thanks guys, I'll learn when I get the chance.
Catch 22!

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