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Laguna Ocean TB70 - Anybody hear of this BASS, Played One??

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Ok fellow Lords of the Low-End, gotta question regarding a Laguna Ocean TB70 BASS I found at a local pawn shop. (I am a pawn shop-aholic, got a TON of good gear by slumming pawn-shops) Any way, this this NEW. NO wear on the Frets(1/24)/Fretboard/saddle, bridge, ect. I know an untouched bass when I see one and this thing was not played. Gorgeous looking really, neck-through, and a hipshot tuner on on the E-String that appears to quickly drop a whole step (For Drop-D I pressume as strings a/g do not have this) quickly. Bartolini humbuckers, ringed knobs, active thumb switch, GREAT weight/balance while on a strap. Plays AWESOME. I collect, have the Cort Artisan A4, Peavey 5 Cirrus BXP, Ibanez SR800, Warwick Corvette 5 string, BC Rich Warlock and a Tobias 4-string. I would put this “Ocean” against any of them any day regarding looks, playability, action and sound. The prices seems right, just wondering if anybody has any history, not much on the web. Looks discontinued as a “GC or MF special”, but thats not an issue for me if its a good bass. If anybody has info, I would really appreciate it.
Never heard of the brand…. Looked it up seems like an easy bass to navigate around the fret board. Through the body neck. Couldn't find price.
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Seems some folks love them, and some don't. (Apparently, some have a serious problem with the electronics.) Sounds like perhaps you have found a good one.

Nice, thanks for the information! I see troubles with A-string volume may be an issue or other electronic probs. I know intonation, saddle, neck relief/action and string quality have an affect on volume, tone, ect. I played this specific BASS on a nice little Ampeg combo and sounded sweet to be honest. Pulled harmonics ALL OVER the fretboard, neck is super fast. I think ill pull the trigger on it and keep you all posted on my findings. I know its an no-name, dis-continued bass, but its a GOOD price and super fun to play. Ill let ya'll know if im kicking myself in a week or not. Thanks again, great stuff.
So I picked the bass up last night for 180$, no HC or GB of course. Another Road Runner for $60 is in the works I guess. But this bass KILLS IT, I love it and wonder why these are no longer in production. Must be bad company desicions. Neck-through, great finish, active switch, Bart MK1's, hips shots, great weight and balance on a strap (feels heavy just holding in hand) and has a low end that just demolishes with a snappy high end through my KUSTOM and Ampeg amps. Very happy with this BASS and I LOVE the “HIP SHOT BASS EXTENDER GOTOH tuner” on the E string. Being able to instantly tune to a dropped tuning and back to standard at the flip of a switch ROCKS. The days of “stopping and dropping” or switching basses in the middle of a set is OVER. These tuners sell on-line, I HIGHLY suggest them. Grogeous bass, pretty stoked i pulled the trigger in this one. Thanks again for the info, later.
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Great deal! Neck-through bass with hipshot drop tuner for $180. The hipshot retails for about $100 by itself! I'd say you scored on this one!
Sid, dead serious bout the 180$ too. The pawn shops round here in the midwest (Im a lil south of Chicago) have no clue on some things. Thanks for the ino on your prev post, HAD to ask when I seen the price and jammed back to the shop to play it again. HAD to grab it, like i said the frets have (had, ha ha) NO signs of wear. Pretty fresh bass, but the bass extender tuner hooked me. (Bart MK1 PUPS help too). I have been playing strictly bass pretty solid since 93 and never knew about these tuners. I must be living in a cave, but I love it and HIGHLY suggest them. I was worried it would lose tuning fast, but it stays tuned to E or D between switching it back n forth. Thx again.
Laguna was GC/MF house brand sold around 2007/08. They are essentially Cort A4s. I bought one for my wife new and when she lost interest started playing. Love it. I went out and bought an A4 thinking I'd use the Laguna as my #2 but they feel identical.

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