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What's your opinion on behringer bass amps? And also noob-ish amp questions

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10 years ago
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I just want to know the current opinion on there products since I'm thinking of buying one of their 180w bass amps for around $260 sounds like a good deal to me but their reviews on musitians friends seem to be either they really love it or say it's garbage. And i wanted your advice on what kind of amp to buy if this one is actually terrible ,i have never bought a bass amp before (i use an hand me down guitar amp) and i want something powerful to be heard against a drummer and also have a good tone I play more into the rock genres( punk , metal, ect.) and only have $300 to spend. So i'd be greatfull for any advice
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I can't answer your questions about the Behringer amps, but I know of an amp in your price range you might take a look at:

Gallien-Krueger MB 200

You can see reviews, specs, and prices at Musician's Friend and Guitar Center.
Good luck!
i looked it up it's am amp head i don't have speakers tho or is it cheaper to buy the amp head and the speakers then get a combo amp? (sorry if I'm asking too many questions, again I've never bought an amp before so I'm kinda overwhelmed)
Behringer is like all companies. They make some really decent and some not so good products. I have owned four different products and liked them all. I do a lot of research in advance and have realistic expectations. I am not a big fan of their combos. That is a lot of vibration for the amp to withstand. But do know a guy that plays clubs with a BXL3000 combo and it is loud. I currently play thru a Bass V-Amp Pro and power my cabinets with a BX3000T and like it alot. The BX4500H is the current version of the head with more power. Head room in an amp is really important as is compression. I pay close attention not to drive the head into clipping, or over heating. That is the biggest issues with their heads. There are many nay sayers that talk a lot of negatives with little real experience to back it up. Shop hard and compare, decide what you like the sound of and which fits your budget. Do not buy based upon my or anyone elses suggestion only.
I currently play a Hartke which I really like but now I need something more powerful. I was also looking at a Behringer and a buddy of mine that works at Guitar center recommended against them. He said he had one and it broke, he got another and it broke. He said they are not dependable or last long. He recommended the Acoustic brand that they carry and being that I like the Ampeg sound and durability he then also recommended the Gallien-Krueger. He said they were good and durable and very lightweight as well. I am going to get the MB112 for $339. Get that one. Flea also plays Gallien-Krueger along with some local bassists that I know. I have been checking out who plays what and talking to other bassists on their choice and they all have said Ampeg or Gallien-Krueger. Ampeg is awesome but heavy and expensive. I think the Gallien will serve its purpose for you and fit most closely into the budget you have. Also the Acoustic brand I did not like the tone and they weigh alot. Hope this helps.
For your budget go with a combo. Buying separate head and speakers will double your budget if buying new. Even used you could be looking at $500 plus for something decent. As I mentioned above I like the Gallien-Krueger MB112. It is a combo with 1-12“ sub, 200w max at 8ohms and should be able to thunder through any guitars or drums you are playing with. I have played through this amp and love the sound. As I mentioned I like Ampeg and my next choice is the mini SVT stack but that is 200 watts but cost is $600. Combos are your best bet for budget and power and mobility. Especially if you are using it for practice and/or gigs. You can also jack it right into the house PA through the DI if you need more volume and use it as your onstage monitor. I use sites such as www.sweetwater.com, www.musiciansfriend.com and www.zzounds.com and guitar center. Do your research and read the reviews to get what works best for you. I have purchased through zzounds and have had a great experience but they dont carry Gallien-Krueger. For that I will have to use sweetwater. There is the 500watt MB210 with two tens but that is $549 or the 500 watt MB115 with 1-15” with a horn but that is $599. The MB112 should do you fine.
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Behringer is a great amp! Go to your nearest Guitar Center, I wouldn't recommend buying online (Except for Craigslist)But don't be worried about the bad reviews, those people only wrote them because their amp got blown out to to carelesness, but the pros definitely outwieght the cons. Also, Aucoustic and Peavey are also great brands for larger amps.
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A Fender Rumble 100 has served me well as a decent combo amp. It has a lot of very useful features. In addition to the standard Bass and Treble, it also has a Low Mid and High Mid and a Mid Scoop button. It has a db button and an Active/Passive button. The Fender Rumble 100 also has an XLR line out with level control. And if all of that weren't enough, it has fun LED lights inside the port that flash to your playing.
Chitface: How about an update on your progress??
thanks for the advise ppl i did do some considering on the gk and the fender. but i saw a sweet deal on an ampeg ba 115 and i saw some reviews on it most of the were pretty positive and i saw some videos on people playing on it and i liked the tone it gave out. so i ordered it and it says it will arrive sometime tomoro. srry this is all late i've been pretty busy lately.
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