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pick ups

cookie monster
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12 years ago
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how can you tell if your pick ups are going out
the sound of your bass will just begin to dull and become really quiet, or sometimes just go out completely i had a similar issue with the first bass i ever owned, consider other problems before replacing your bass or pickups first make sure your amp is in working order etc.
i have my e string is ratteling and the d g string dosnt sound right i have brand new strings amp is brand new
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It also may be your input jack getting loose, if the jack goes on the side of the body instead of the face, you will need a right angle cable otherwise there will be tension on it. My bass had the same problem
i use one but its for a guitar
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Is the instrument Active or Passive? Leaving an active instrument plugged in will drain the battery. When that starts to happen your guitar will keep getting quieter until no sound at all.
idk what that means i dont leave my bass plugged in if iam not playing it
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There are Acctive pickups and Passive pickups. Passive pickups are just copper wire wrapped around a magnet. Active pickups have additional electronic circuits that require an additional power source from one or two 9 volt batteries. Eventually the batteries will run out of power and need to be replaced. When the battery dies, no sound will be produced. Basses with active pickups will typically have an access panel on the back of the instrument where you can change the battery.
the only panle on it is for the pots the rest is soled wood

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