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new to bass any tips

cookie monster
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12 years ago
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hay i started play off and on 2 years ago iam still pretty new still learning how to read tabs any help would be nice learning on my own i just learnd tech 9 devil boy any music that has a good beat i love
I can only suggest try reading tablature. It's MUCH easier.
Good luck!
Unless you're playing jazz, where the bassline never repeats, in which case the sheet music offers the best precision and it's all right there in a compact form
thanks i have pretty much tought my self everythang and theres alot more i need to learn
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Nothing is better than developing your ears. Tabs are okay if you can find accurate ones. But don't rely on tabs alone. You'll find most songs are mostly made of Verse, Chorus and Bridge. Learn to identify these and focus on learning each one by it's self. Do this and you'll see that most songs are just these three things repeated in various order. You'll also learn how to transition from verse to chorus to bridge and back again etc.
i have been lisning to bass covers and i can start to pick up the bass in the reall song and it helps alot i want to get to the level of justin chanceler
from tool
Practice your major and minor scales and keep practicing. Then work with each of their triads (1st 3rd and 5th notes of the scale). Then you can move on to other scales and such, but this is a great place to start.
any good site were i can find these

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