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Gustavo Dal Farra

So… I am planning to learn or at least memorise a Bassline made by Gustavo Dal Farra but the problem is my eyes can't keep up with his fingers and I don't know how to learn by ear… so I really need help cause I really wanna start on this now and have it as a really long term project because its amazing but gonna be extemely difficult to do the first few beats of it flewently for me and its so i can use it as a way how to learn a few different things so if anyone so much has a small crack at it thank you for at least looking heres the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iy3V2Tl4g3s
Good luck. Hes done a lot of finger exercises. That's what makes a bassist that good. Speed, Experience, and Accuracy.
thanks, if you have any sparetime at all could you please work on a tab over time, cause it would really help and there might be one or 2 others who might do the same one day or already be wanting to give it a go??
I'm not exactly the go to guy for tabs, but I will see what I can do.
His right work is incredible, but manageable to figure out. Also, do you have a 5 string?
4 string at the moment, but a mate gonna sell me his old 5 string and I know that you need a 5 string
I figured you would of know that. The 5 string was obvious. I was just curious. Best of luck on your challenge
thanks mate

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