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should i post my own tablature

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12 years ago
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i am in a pop punk/alternative band and i enjoy writing now i would love to post these tabs online just i dont want anyone stealink them any oppinions if so please leave a suggestion down below, thank you
johnny [staff]
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if you have recordings of your songs (on youtube or something), then if someone wants to steal it he could steal it even without the tabs.

If you have recordings of your songs somewhere, I say submit.
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Yeah as johnny has said make sure you have registered your song. There is a place on the net you can register your song, back before the internet people sent themselves a copy in the post registered mail and didnt open it. That was the proof of the date it was written.
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does this place have a site name
Yeah of course! Pop punk is the best fucking genre, right next to punk. I would love to learn your bass lines. (:

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