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playing drunk

I play… poorly… when I drink much. I enjoy it, but it's not good for the music. I've been with a band for a couple years now with recovering alcoholics in it, so no booze at practice, and my game's gotten so much better as a result…
bass freak
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Good honest answer MadDave12.
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The Faces played while being drunk for their whole five year career, they even had a bar onstage at every gig complete with barman
I play 10 times better drunk and i put on a better show alot more swearing and snarling .Just depends what you are playing though my stuff is punk stiff little fingers and sex pistols stuff so its not the hardest
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I have a drink or two before we start, but after that it's either water or iced tea. The drinks before help me loosen up and not be as nervous, but any more and it starts affecting my ability to play. We're doing Boston, Rush, and other more complex material that requires focus and dexterity.
Some people have to get completely tanked before they can cut loose, I have a couple of friends that are exceptional guitar players once they are lit up.
I'm finally to the point that I get a great high just playing, as long as I've practiced the material well enough that I don't have to concentrate on playing the song. Lots of energy, moving around almost constantly, and go out on the dance floor with my wireless.
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Having a few brews or several and playing bass literally goes hand in hand for me and the guys I play with.
We are lucky enough that our venue we hire is within walking distance to get home so no issues about having a drink but carrying my fender rumble 75 home can take sometime to stagger back with
Damn that thing is heavy
But i loosen up more and feel less pressure to impress even though I'm only playing in a jam band with a couple of mates in a village hall with no audience.
Like punk bass man I'm not playing the hardest stuff - pistols, sham 69, motorhead……
so the old noggin doesn't require such a state of ta perform as say rush 2112 after a few drinkies!
One thing we have introduced though is half time munchies
Bass and beer makes me hungry

I do like to go outside and smoke a road rocket(joint) before i play
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I find that I play alot better with a nice buzz working. I play with more passion and still maintain the pocket. With the music we play it must always sound good, and it must make sense, I love playing funky tunes that I can't wild-out on. When we play rock it's a different story I tend to lose it. The fretboard becomes a joint and I destroy it and it be loud as heck. We are now completing are rock album called Second Coming are group name is Wild Angle. I'll post some tunes where I just lose it.
johnny [staff]
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I'll post some tunes where I just lose it.

please do!

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