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Bad Buzz

old timer
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11 years ago
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I have a bad buzz when I fret my E string. The string is hitting my 8th fret. My guitar is in tune, the neck isn't warped, can i file the fret down to stop the buzz? Or is it bad to do so.
Chances are, your E string is sitting just a tad too low. Raise it just a little bit by adjusting at the bridge.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
what gauge strings do you have?

seriously, don't file your frets unless you really know what you're doing.
I think my gauge string is .105. Won't raising my bridge effect the action? Why does it only hit the 8th fret and none others? Perhaps it's time to take it to the music shop??
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I just had a similar problem with my A string. The neck of my bass was slightly warped, i mean slightly, but enough to cause a buzz. And yes raising the bridge will affect the action. So you have three options; deal with the buzz, have someone fix it and deal with action, or get a new bass.
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Do NOT file your frets. Take it in to a luthier. It could be any number of things or a combination of things. Nut, neck etc. A bass neck should have a slight bow in it when strung and tuned.
Better to have the action a little high than have fret buzz. You can also try smaller gauge strings.

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