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Cool Yet Easy

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Hey I'm looking to learn some cool and well known basslines that are not to easy or not to hard so maybe a higher intermediate level got any suggestions please help me out in my learning slump
Not much help, huh? I'm a beginner, and I like “Figured You out” and “Save Yourself.”
I'll check those out
johnny [staff]
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what kind of music do you like?
i enjoy punk, alternative, grunge, pop punk, and some classics
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Alice in Chains has alot of cool stuff to learn.
alright ill check them out
metalica king nothing I think sounds very cool and is easy to pick up if you go to youtube and type in bass tabs it brings up alot of different styles
Alot of Nirvana songs are good. They are pretty easy in most cases. Alice in chains is pretty good and easy but most are drop tuned. Anything by the Foo Fighters is pretty easy and fun. Stone Temple Pilots, Tom Petty is easy, Bush, Collective soul, Lenny Kravitz, Sublime, U2, Weezer, White stripes (seven nation army), Jimi Hendrix, The Police, Ozzy, Black Sabbath. That is alot in my catalog.
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Horse Pills by The Dandy Warhols is great fun - easy to play and a really fun song. Here's YouTube link:


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