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changing strings, or leaving them on

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I've been on a particular bass for close to two years. Have not changed the strings yet, wasn't planning on it but I get the feeling it might be time. I'm mixed on the decision. I like the tone but not the feel. Its gritty when it needs to be dirty but its not clean enough when it needs to be bright.
I've heard of boiling them, never tried but wouldn't that change the sound in the same way as changing them?
Any thoughts on this dilemma would be appreciated…..
johnny [staff]
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A friend of mine used to boil his, he liked it. I never did. I usually buy new strings about once a year.
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I boil mine, ten minutes in a pan, don't coil em up just make sure they are fully submerged, don't forget to wring them out afterwards
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boil them but don't cook spaghetti at the same time
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Ha, I like that. A buddy a while back borrowed a pot to boil his strings. Needless to say I'm not using that anymore.

What does boiling do to the sound? I'm really torn about changing my strings. But I guess I can put them back on……
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I just leave mine on
Posts: 461
I've never boiled strings!
Leave them on for as long as possible.

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