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Pictures of cool looking bass guitars

johnny [staff]
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10 years ago
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I crack up every time I see this picture! It's the bassist of the Red Elvises!
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Wow, now THAT is a big bass.
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The Red Elvises bass wouldn't work well sitting down x)
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This one reminds me of The Who's bass player-just revamped with metal.
johnny [staff]
Posts: 1005
hey kingmedicine, apparently the website that hosts the image that you linked doesn't allow hosting images on other sites..

here's the link


pretty cool bass!
Although my friends don't approve, I'm a huge fan of the Steinberger XT-25L. It'll grow on them.

This video really helps their opinions on it:
i have a epiphone tbird. i know not that unique but i love its looks
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Love the video, I somehow feel strangely drawn to the XT-25L………
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i have a yahama vintage 70's RBX200
its got a green color to it
I have a Rickenbacker 4003 Bass, Black! Lovely!

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