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KissyBoy [staff]
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Anyone else here like Bolt Thrower? Their bassist, Jo Bench, is one of the best metal bassists in my opinion, she has a very unique sound. The repetitive rhytm along with the perfect distortion makes it sound like an unstoppable tank.
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Speaking of girl bassists, anyone seen Tal Wilkenfield? She Rocks! No sorry never heard Bolt Thrower, they should get a good name like Virgin Bloodbath! Copyrighted btw. HEY, I'm gonna put an exclamation mark at the end of Virgin Bloodbath!!
I really like Bolt Thrower, nothing better than World Eater blasting on max volume, so much power. And yes - Jo has a really crushing, heavy, brutal tone, just like you said - tank rumblin' mercilessly through the battlefield.

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