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Hey man, I haven't done much on here, but thank you very much for the recognition. In all honesty you, my friend, should be the one being thanked for all you do for everyone on this site.
First of i want to apologize to those whove been patient enough to wait for their tabs and those who still are waiting. As well as i want to say thank you to those whove submitted their requests. Thanks to you all i have good music i can listen on my ipod that i never had.On another note i want to thank the following: The Dude, Johnny, SidSquishius, punk bass man, Marko1960, Bassguy1, Softcell62, Hugorj, bass freak, icehouse1, linkinpark232, and melvinmassacre for submitting your tabs, giving tech advice, and being part of this team that changes the world of bass one tab at a time. You guys are epic and awesomeAlso i want to let everyone know i still have a few tabs to submit for this month.Can't wait to see what challenges you present me for this year and hope ill be able to tab em all-DANNYBASSMAN93
Got a couple of good ones for you. Panic Attack and Metropolis Pt. 1 by Dream Theater. Metropolis uses a lot of tapping. Hope you accept this challenge.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
Posts: 510
oooooooooooooooohhh Dream Theater i've never in my life listened to a complete song from the band or even played it on bass, and im sure if i say ive played it in guitar hero obviously it doesnt count but it does sound like a challenge considering metropolis has a good bass solo so ill have that in mind for my list of 2014 sogns to tab bro
I'll take that as challenge accepted.

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