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Chest high or down at the thigh?

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11 years ago
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Where do you hang your bass and why?
johnny [staff]
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I mostly play bass sitting down, because I'm not a gigging bassist.

But I do play gigs with the guitar and when I do I usually hang it as low as possible but only because it looks better in my opinion (terrible reason, I know). I'm having a harder time playing because of it, but the stuff that I play on gigs is not all that complicated
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If you are playing funk up high. If you are playing metal sling her low. That's just me.
Down at the thigh, I get better reach when it's down low.
Sod what it looks like you have to wear your bass how it feels most comfortable
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Comfort first for me. I usually have the bridge pickup at about zipper hight. When I'm relaxed thats where my hands and shoulders fall naturally and it places the contoured body of my Fender comfortably on my forearm. Bracing my thumb on the pickups feels natural and I can palm mute easily if I need to.
I hang it low because I'm a “power player”. I stand tall, in the back.
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Yeah, like said earlier, if your are playing funk or even fingerstyle and popping i have found it to be most comfortable to have the bass up high with my arm hanging naturally over the body. But i presume that if your are thrashing out the metal, than you would want that bass swinging sweet and low. There is my feeble opinion, my bass playing friends! Most of all, play it how it feels right and comfortable, and have fun!
iam a big guy with long arms i hang my bass as low as i can get my strap i like not only the feeling but the look but win iam just jaming alone i sit down that way i can look at the tabs reach my amp and everythang
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I play mostly funk, but i hang it just over my waist… but i'm weird like that. I can get better “technique” when it's up high, but it is not the most comfortable position. Then again, posture is key.
Don't follow other idiots like lost sheep. Be your own person.
Technically, it should be as high as “when you are sitting and stand up it should not move” position. Thus you wont have to practice everything standing.
I tend to have it slightly lower than that by an inch or so.
If it is too low your back will not be straight and you will develop back problems later in life. Do plenty of tummy exercises for a strong back.
If it is too high on the other hand then you might as well take up the violin.

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