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My good deed for 2013, good or bad?

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Whilst scouring ebay, I came across a girl selling a Squier Precision Bass, she had loads of questions sent to her and she answered as best she could, but she really didn't have a clue. So I sent her a long message explaining that what she was selling was a Squier JV Precision Bass and it was worth far more than she realised. She was very very thankful for the info and I felt good, but I've obviously pissed a lot of people off. Good deed or bad deed?
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I say good deed.
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For you good deed

for her good deed

for people gonna rip her off, bad deed.

Overall you did the right thing.
Posts: 3139
Thanks guys, I think so too, Lucy was very grateful and it turned out we both have a love for VW Transporters. Incidentally, her JV Precision is still on eBay U K as we speak, under the heading, Fender Squier Precision Bass Guitar, Spares or Repair

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