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basses with huge tone and sound ranges ??

punk bass man
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looking for a new bass that can pretty much do everything
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There is only one absolutely guaranteed to do what you're asking, and then some! It's the Line 6 Variaxe Bass, see a demo on YouTube, it features Modelling Technology so one minute it can be a Precision and the next a Gibson Thunderbird, then if you fancy, a Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo, still not happy? What about a MusicMan Stingray? All of this in one bass, check it out on YouTube.
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If your local shops have an Epiphone Thunderbird Classic IV Pro, give it a go. It is a very nice bass. And is affordable too.

That's Thunderbird Classic IV Pro, not Thunderbird IV. I've only played the Classic IV; can't say anything about the other Thunderbirds.

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