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Strings for acoustic bass?

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10 years ago
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Ones that came with it are still on it,when position shifting it does give that occasional screech sound from the round strings..

I don't like the feel of bronze strings and would like to hear of any recommendations or experiences with different acoustics bass strings.

I quite like a dark tone.

Thank you
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Carvin (find them at carvinguitars.com) puts nylon tapewounds (LaBella brand) on the acoustic bass guitars they make, and they have the LaBella strings for the best price I have found.

Fender, D'Addario, Rotosound, and LaBella all make nylon tapewounds; I've used all these except the Rotosound ones. If you try one of these, you'll want to figure out if they will fit in the notches of the nut on your bass - the Rotosounds are quite thick.

I like the warm sound I get from nylon tapewounds - something like the sound of an upright bass. And they are flat wound strings, so moving about doesn't generate the screech you get with sloppy technique and roundwounds. (I am using flatwounds and halfrounds (D'Addario) because my poor technique results in too much roundwound screech.) Cheers.

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