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Is this The Dude?

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So, I'm looking to buy a Precision bass (switching from a Jazz) and found this video. Awhile back I had some issues with a tab and emailed The Dude about it. The name in the video looks similar to the name on the email I received from him. I may have just made a fool of myself by asking this, but that'd be kinda cool if it is in fact The Dude in this video.
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I know for a fact that The Dude is actually an 8 year old girl pretending to be a hip, cool, older man.
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He's good for an 8 year old girl but he aint no Billy Sheehan
TheDude [staff]
Posts: 287
i'm sorry to disappoint you, but i am indeed an 8 year old girl and not the guy in the video.

seriously, not me. but thanks for thinking i'm cool.
johnny [staff]
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the name's similar though, haha

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