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new bass for me

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haven't played a bass for years. I had one in the 90's when I was young and wanted to play in a band but nothing came of it. in the last 2 years me and a friend have been playing guitars thanks to youtube lessons inspiring us.
so I was I cash generator and seen this bass for only £80 I had a go and thought what the hell i'll buy it.

its an Ibanez CT series. its nice to play and light, but I cant find anything on google about it. i always like to know a bit about the gear i buy but i know nothing about it.

anybody have any ideas or know anything about it
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They were made in the 90s and retailed around £250, trouble is, Ibanez have the biggest range of guitars, theres so many it makes your head spin. The quality ones are made in Japan but they have a Korean factory for the cheaper but still decent end. Some of Ibanezs tastier pieces include the George Benson guitar and the Steve Vai designed Jem series. I prefer Yamahas out of all the Japanese brands

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