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Lefty players?

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What do you do to play lefthanded?

I converted a r/h acoustic bass to l/h..

Local music shop has 2 lefty basses,amongst at least 30 other r/h instruments.

I myself am right handed and had to covert to a left handed bass due to wrist/hand injury years ago. Though there isn't an abundance of bass's to choose from in the “left” handed category, there is enough to get by with. Local music shops rarely have any in their stores or none at all, this leaves a person having to pre-order something without giving it a test drive first. All I have had to go on is reviews from music boards that pertain to left handed players to get an “honest” judgment on a piece of equipment and cross my fingers that the “good” reviews are legit.

Depending on a brand, left handed bass's can tend to be priced in a higher range over right handed ones, simply because we “lefties” are an inconvenience - LOL

“What do you do to play lefthanded?”

Cross your fingers, and hopefully you are satisfied with the bass that you ordered online!

Converting a guitar from right to left is not recommended, just for the mere fact the guitar will not feel comfortable

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But if you do decide to convert its a simple case of changing the nut, the ivory piece of plastic at the top of the fingerboard, where the strings pass over. You can get them from music shops and they are really cheap, you need to measure the width of the fingerboard where the nut is before you buy your left handed one. But it's true it will be uncomfortable, and the controls will be on the wrong side but there you go
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This is my first bass,I saw it second hand for a very cheap price..

Its easily reconverted back to r/h and I can sell it on for what I paid no doubt.

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