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The upright bass

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I have played upright bass for 6 years, and it is harder to play than an electric. I actually prefer fret less electric basses because I am not accustom to frets. I have a 7/8 sized upright and it is 6'1" without the end pin out. You can normaly rent them from music stores for about $30 a month, so for those of you who have not had a chance to play one go down to a music store and ask if they have any you can try.
It took me a year of playing a fretless and working on ear training before I started to hear how bad I was at it! I have inlayed fret markers so at first I thought I was fine, but as my ears started to “open up” I could really hear how sloppy I was. I'm about 2 years in now and things are getting better, but I tried a 3/4 at a store and it was like day one again, only worse cause I could hear it too…
Hopefully getting one tomorrow! Never played upright before but always wanted one, will let you know how it goes!

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