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Any one out there play a Schecter ???

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Any thoughts ????
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I have not played one. Have you played an Epiphone Thunderbird? Lots of good comments on the PRO line.
Posts: 98
I own a few Epiphones. Have my eye on a Aerodyne Jazz but Im not getting any fee back
I have both the Aerodyne and
the 4 String Shecter Elite.
The Aerodyne sounds
awesome and its playability
is really good. I keep that one
tuned 1/2 step down. Plus
it's an eye catcher..The ladies
dig it, and I've had a ton of
compliments on it.The Shecter I use for lower tuned
songs. It's a string thru body
and holds its tuning very well.
Also with the EMG Active pick
ups in it you can blend the two
to get your sound tuned in.
They are both nice basses
and are each around $800.

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