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New band needing some good songs to practice to.

Hey there, we are a relatively new band (started late 2012) and since we have had all our members were having trouble deciding what songs we should play. So if you could suggest any songs where one instrument doesn't over power/cover up the other that would be great. we are Funk/Punk/Reggae
If u wanna practice ur timing with a fast-ish song then maybe, Carousel by Blink 182, assuming ur bassist is up for quick struming on the D and G (with a pick would b best)
Just using it as a practice song would b good
It's somehow considered a punk song i don't consider it one entirely but it is apparently
johnny [staff]
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hey! do you have a singer? if not I suggest some sort of surf rock variant, make it sound funky, punk and reggae. It's my favorite type of music
some rage against the machine
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Hey bro here are some bands that will help :

No Doubt
Angels & Airwaves
Third Eye Blind
Blink 182
Rage Against The machine
Rise Against
Sum 41
Thank you everybody for the feedback it really helps
If your bass player is good at slapping and uses a 5-string, then may I suggest The Longest Beginning and The Shortest Ending by Nonpoint.

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