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Black top/Aerodyne

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I like the sound of JJ Burnell and Social D.. Anyone have an opinion on the Black Top or Aerdyne ???
I bought a Aerodyne Jazz Bass, real fat tones.
I'm ready to change the stock strings now after two months, I love the MF!!
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Blacktops seem to have some quality issues. I spent a little time on TalkBass looking through the Blacktop Club thread(http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f8/fender-blacktop-club-968813/).

I was initially kind of interested in the Blacktop jazz bass (jazz neck, two sets of p-bass pickups instead of jazz pickups), but I'm back to the Aerodyne and Deluxe Active P Bass Special as far as a Fender PJ bass goes.
Posts: 98
Im sold on the Areodyne looks sexy too

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