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SO, ive been around off an on lately. hospital visits and whatnot….. i am 27 years old and i have colon cancer. i start radiation injections shortly. i apologize for being away. any requests i had promised send me a PM and i will finish them. all the best to all of you. ps. im sure i will be fine.
TheDude [staff]
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i'm terribly sorry to hear that, man.

we can't really do much, but you have our sincere support. you can and will beat this. best of luck.
johnny [staff]
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colon cancer is a bitch. hang in there man.

best of luck!
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I truly hope that this is another slamingerrrr-got-drunk-and-is-raving-mad, as we had some time ago with alleged treason and such.

If it is real, it is sad news indeed. Ditto to what TheDude and Johnny have said. I will be wishing you the best until I hear that you've beaten it.
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Well said Sid.
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I wish u the very best!!!! And staying positive is always a great start….
Wish you the very best man

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