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Male Bass Players Unite

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11 years ago
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Hi, I'm a male bass player. I was wondering if there's any other male bassists here that I could chat with?
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I play bass

What bass guitar do you have?
I've got a lefty Greg Bennett Fairlane.
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That is a pretty sweet looking bass!
I play an esp f-104

Do you have a certain genre of music you like to play to?
I'm an indie rock listener, so anything you see on Pitchfork.com (besides the numerous rap albums) is a possibility.

I also have a bunch of older records, I enjoy Dixieland and swing a lot.
By the looks of your bass, I'm guessing you listen to something a bit more heavy?
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ahh right nice. I quite like arctic monkeys and the kooks. You listen to them?

Yeah, I started off listening to heavy rock, so I bought my bass according to that. But i've recently been taking interest in the softer side. Been playing to a lot of coldplay

How long have you been playing for?
Only a year so far. I don't listen to much of the Arctic Monkeys or the Kooks, but they're good bands from the songs I've heard.
Battles is a really good band, I wouldn't be surprised if you'd heard their song “Ice Cream”.

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