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Anybody Know Anything About Tapping???

5 string guy
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If any body has any pointers on how to tap or any demonstration videos on how to do it please send them to schleuningl40@gmail.com or post on this web site.
you have to push hard the strings with the left hand and with the right hand's middlefinger and forefinger the higher notes, for example:
You have to make the strings ring without picking the strings of course.
ok thanks for the help
okay i do tapping solos on bass…what do wanna know?
Just the basics. I'm trying to learn the bass solo in Metropolis Pt. 1 by Dream Theater where Myung does a tapping solo. It sounds really cool, but it's a bitch to learn if you don't know anything about tapping. he uses add 11 chords in the key of F#, and uses a 16th note pattern with an inverted 32nd note. the solo goes up the scale like this, F#, G, A, B. It's all add 11 chords like I said. look it up on you tube. pick the one by forest kid.

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