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Just opened my gig bag to undress my LTD and I found I have a broke D string!!!! Who would do such a thing. Oh well……. I have never change them before. What strings are best for the ESP LTD B55 5string
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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Well i use “eernie ball”, “elixir”,“XL nickelwound” DR's!!! but theyre a little expensive i think, “la bella” also really good
johnny [staff]
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I use elixir as well
Posts: 46
I run eernie ball on my four strings but…… Lol I haven't played them in about……..3yrs wow!!!!! That's crazy I love my ESP-LTD B55 that much.
Lol I'm going to the lab and bring 1 home. Wow 3yrs that's crazy!!!!

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