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how and what to practice

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11 years ago
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how do you practice and what do you play to practice
TheDude [staff]
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It's great if you can find some songs that you like to listen to, but aren't too difficult to play. RHCP has quite a few I enjoy, but I can't say I can recommend any because I'm quite the newbie as well.

There are a few lessons on this site too, but I think most people prefer actual songs to lessons.

Maybe some other members will help out.
johnny [staff]
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I have a very structured practice plan - I do exercises for a certain amount of time. E.g. I play one exercise for 5 minutes and go on to the next and keep track of my progress.

The exercises vary each practice session (different scales, etc.)

When I'm done with that I play songs for my enjoyment.

Disciplined practice really pays off in the long run.
johnny [staff]
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Oh and very important.. Always practice with a metronome.
metronome blah. play with a drum beat much less boring. but does the same job.
johnny [staff]
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You can use pretty much anything as long as it keeps the rhythm!
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yeah thats cool depending on where you are as a bassist. I mean just working your basic 12 step boogie and some practice with the maj. & minr. petatonic scales can prove a workout for some people. But Hey, thats just my opinion, and I am no Nikki Sixx or Stanley Clarke.
johnny [staff]
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Pentatonics are great, but I've noticed lots of people get stuck on the pentatonics - not because it's hard but because they're good at it and eventually it becomes the only thing they practice.

I often find myself practicing things I'm really good at and disregarding other aspects of the instrument, so I force myself to practice things that I don't practice often to diversify my practice sessions.
A good practise method i sometimes use is…find a song that has a really simple/basic bassline and add your own licks and improvisations..other good scales as well as pentatonic are mixolydian e.g major scale with flattened 7th note. learning about chords and scales are essential to any bassplayer..
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There's playing and there is practicing. I start by playing the songs I know. Then I practice on the songs I kind of know. When I start running out of songs I “kinda” know, I pick new ones and start breaking them down to where I kind of know them. you can build up a nice list this way.
johnny [staff]
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yeah as fredo said there's playing songs and practicing songs, but there's also exercises - to help you with techniques.

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