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Hard to find

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I am finding that certain things are hard to find for bass. I can find a ton of guitar tabs and chords for Three Dog Night-Black and White, but not a single BASS tabs anywhere that I have seen yet. When you listen to the song, you know it is there. All I can find is the guitar intro. I am extremely new to playing bass (only 3 weeks in). It is nice to have found an exclusively BASS forum and website.
me thinks that may have been part of how the site came about to begin with
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I am thinking that too. =)

I guess things being “hard to find” is the cost of not being so “cookie cutter”. Oh well, just makes it all the more rewarding. =)
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Hi tichape,
Welcome to Big Bass Tabs!

I like the message and melody of the song you want to learn to play (Black and White). I will try to tab it but you will have to be patient - I have very little free time presently. But eventually I will get a tab up for you. Cheers.
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It seems that there are way more guitar tabs to be found but hopefully this site will help the bass tab cause.

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