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Happy Campers tabs coming!

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10 years ago
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Happy Campers
The band you are looking for is otherwise. They aren't around anymore but you might be able to find some stuff on them. Puppet shows basic tabs are. B G G# for verse Chorus is D A B G# G D G A. Obviously the bass does some crazier stuff on parts but I'm not sure even Ernie knew what he played there

9/10, 10:29am
Happy Campers
Dude my bad they are called Neverwas I do have abumfights soundtrack still if you want to buy it but im pretty sure the band isnt around anymore. I'll tell rob to tab it out for you. we'll see if that helps

9/10, 10:43am
Steven Lambo
sweet, you fuckin rock. and how much do ya want for the bumfights soundtrack?

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