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the vindictives

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11 years ago
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got a reply from the singer mr vindictive, johnny personality did a lot of tabs, which were on the old website n got lost in the shuffle. over the coming days, i will personally be provided with various sheet musics and or tabs by johnny personality(bass player) and the vindictives tabs on here will be from the band directly.
TheDude [staff]
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that's really neat!
for those who do not know the vindictives are a punk band. and Ben Weasel is the guitar player.
well on some albums.
DANNYBASSMAN93 [top submitter]
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So does that mean i dont have to write the vindictives left for dead bass tab? O___o
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That's great that you contacted, and got tabs from, the band. Killer! Nice work, slamingerrrrrr.
id say hold off a cpl days. its very possible they will give me it. however id say no. write it. its ALWAYS good to have an alternate, plus id appreciate it
if you dont wanna dont. but id prefer ya did, please?
johnny [staff]
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this is awesome, hope you get the tabs!
Steven Lambo
actually i had asked ben weasel and he told me he doesn`t keep any tabs and to ask you guys for help. which i should have thought of on my own… but hey

9/8, 9:03pm
The Vindictives
Johnny Personality played Bass on this song… we didn't do any detuning though. I'll ask him to get back to you… we used to have tabs up - but - they got lost along with the old site.

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